Here at Peach Lettings we love to get positive feedback, but at the same time we are always looking to continually improve our products and services. Please feel free to leave your comments on our contact us page and we’ll be sure to act on them straight away.

“Excellent is the way I would describe Peach Lettings. Jonathan has been a tremendous help and support, I could not praise them enough. I would highly recommend this company as being outstanding , providing excellent service, friendly and professional staff making the whole process of moving easy and stress free.” LND, Tenant

“I have recently switched from another nationally known letting agent to Peach Lettings, as I was not completely satisfied with their service. They found a suitable tenant and carried out a thorough interview and background check within a quick time period. The transition has been very smooth and I have complete trust and confidence with my new letting agent.” JH, Landlord

“Highly recommendable, friendly and helpful. Peach Lettings made a great personal effort to make our lives as easy as possible when moving in and throughout the duration of our stay.” BG, Tenant

“Outstanding is the only way to describe my experience with Peach Lettings. I've recently taken up a tenancy in a property managed by them, and they really helped to simplify the process for someone new to the rental market. They have helped to make my move as stress-free as possible, given me invaluable money saving advice, shown flexibility when I needed it, and most of all given me a real sense of security that the property will be well maintained during my time there. The property is immaculate and of far better quality than many others I'd seen in the same location. I prefer to contact companies via email, and whenever I've contacted Peach Lettings I've had a swift response. I'm immensely grateful to them, and would highly recommend their service.” MS, Tenant

“I'd personally like to thank Peach Lettings for the time and effort given to me in finding me suitable tenants. Living abroad is never easy when it's time to let your house out in the UK, I'm so very pleased you took the load off my shoulders. Thanks again, the beers are on me when I'm next in the UK. Cheers Si.” SC, Landlord

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